Attendance at classes is expected and attendance records will be taken. Students should take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by all classes, including the opportunity for interaction, and learning from each other.

Compulsory attendance is necessary at all practical work sessions for a number of reasons: to achieve this interaction, in particular in group work; because of the sequential nature of work in some courses; because of the need for students to provide an audience and feedback for other students presenting work; and to ensure the authorship of project work on which assessment is based.

If you are unable to attend a class we ask that you email your lecturer in advance of the class and indicate when you next expect to attend.

Where you miss an in-class assessment due to nonattendance you will be required to submit a request for an extension or alternative assessment in line with the AIHE Assessment Procedure.

Leave of Absence

A student may apply for a leave of absence for a period of up to twelve (12) months in a calendar year. Students cannot take Leave of Absence (or extend a period of absence) unless they have been granted official permission in writing from the School. At the end of the period of leave of absence, the student is required to re-enrol in their course. To apply for Leave of Absence students will need to contact the Student Services Officer and complete a Leave of Absence form available at our Policy and Procedure Directory.

Leave of absence for international students on a student visa – In accordance with the ESOS Act 2000, international students are not permitted to take leave of absence, except on compassionate or compelling grounds, which are supported by documentary evidence. Refer to the AIHE International Students Policy in our Policy and Procedure Directory.

A student may forfeit their place in their course if they:

  • fail to apply for a formal leave of absence in their course;
  • do not re-enrol by the due date following an approved period of leave of absence;
  • fail to apply for an extension to leave of absence; or
  • are not granted leave of absence or an extension to leave of absence as applicable.

Students should refer to the AIHE Enrolment and Withdrawal Procedure in Policy and Procedure Directory for further information regarding their enrolment and applications for leave and withdrawal.

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